About the Landfill

The Jefferson Parish Landfill was opened by the Parish Council in 1982 to serve the residents of Jefferson Parish. The landfill consists of approximately 357 acres separated into 4 phases. Currently, 3 of the 4 phases, encompassing 302 acres, are closed and no longer accepting waste. The active phase consists of 55 acres. The landfill receives about 1000 tons per day of residential, commercial and construction debris waste generated from within Jefferson Parish. There are an additional 110 acres available for future expansion. The Jefferson Parish Landfill is publicly owned and landfill operation is contracted to Louisiana Regional Landfill Company a subsidiary of Waste Connections.

Landfill Gas to Energy

Since 2006, landfill gas has been transmitted through a 4.2 mile pipeline for use at Cornerstone Chemical Company for beneficial re-use. Recent expansion of the gas collection system has increased gas recovery. The landfill gas-to-energy project won the 2006 Project of the Year Award from the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program.

Visitor Information

The Jefferson Parish Landfill accepts municipal garbage and trash from residences and businesses only within Jefferson Parish.

  • Residents are allowed two free loads per day.
  • For Safety considerations, residents will only use the containers at the Citizens’ drop off area, not the landfill working area.  The road around the Citizens’ drop off area is paved, but the access to the working area is not.
  • Small Business:  Cash is not accepted.  Credit card or checks only.  $5.00 minimum.

Jefferson Parish Landfill is operated by Waste Connections, an integrated solid waste services company.

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Jefferson Parish Landfill

5800 Hwy 90 W

Avondale, LA 70094

(504) 436-0152

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